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field fence

Field fencing (sometimes called farm fencing) is made of heavier gauge galvanized welded wire, wood and/or barbed wire. It’s primarily used for feedlots, pens, corrals or pastures for larger animals. Field fence has many weaving types, such as fixed knot fence and hinge joint fence. They’re also highly versatile and can be electrified or fitted with barbed wire as needed. A single strand of barbed wire is often used as a top strand to keep livestock from leaning on the woven wire fence and keeps pests and predators out.

Recent Projects

Below is a sampling of some of our recent completed, custom field fence projects. These projects were all built customized to the preference of the client. If you are looking for something other than is pictured here, please either call us or fill our our contact form and we will get back to you with answers!

Residential Field Fence project recently completed for a 3 acre property in Elkton, FL. The property owner had a couple horses as well as a cow they needed to contain. This fencing solution allowed them to do so, while also beautifying their property.

Chain Link with barbed wire Field Fence project recently completed for the St. John’s County Waste Management Company.

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